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Introducing Evida Trans

Our company has more than 20 years’ experience in delivering goods, and we offer a reliable service whether you need to deliver internationally or within Hungary. We have used our experience to develop an efficient operational system which is convenient and risk-free for our customers.

The three pillars of our operation:
  • trucks in a perfect operational state,
  • specially selected and experienced drivers,
  • the most up-to-date satellite tracking system.

All three of these basic elements are equally important and increase the security of our shipments. We check the technical condition of trucks regularly as well as their equipment and in this way we guarantee that shipments reach their destinations. Our specially selected and experienced drivers also pay special attention to the security of the goods we transport. Our trucks are also equipped with the most up-to-date satellite tracking system, which makes our service reliable and trackable for you, the customer.

Our fleet

At your service

Our company pays special attention to the environment, and so to protect it we work exclusively with vehicles which meet the EURO5 and EEV environmental norms. All of our trailers are equipped with canvas, portal doors, as well as having a pallet rack and being crane-loadable. All of our trailers are equipped with curtains all round and have aluminium side bars.

The safety of the delivery is ensured by the load-fixing equipment which complies with the strictest standards:

  • 3 aluminium load-securing end bars,
  • a minimum of 20 500 daN load-attaching ratchet straps,
  • a minimum of 24 special plastic edge protectors to protect vulnerable loads,
  • anti-slip sheets.

In addition to this all trailers have XL certificates, which means that thanks to their reinforced construction the chances of the goods being damaged if the truck overturns or during an accident are reduced. We pay special attention to your needs and we can provide special deliveries if required.

The 5 + 1 advantages,

which we guarantee if you choose us

  • You can follow the delivery with the help of our GPS service; so you will always know exactly where your shipment is.
  • Our 24-hour customer service will answer your call seven days a week, and you can turn to them in confidence with any question you may have.
  • We have high-value CMR insurance, so you will suffer no loss.
  • We will choose the appropriate truck for your needs from among our environmentally-friendly fleet. Whether you need a canvas-, or crane loadable vehicle, any of these can be provided without problem, and we can also offer trucks with pallet racks and anti-slip equipment.
  • We only work with experienced, specially selected drivers, to ensure that our shipments are as safe as possible.
  • If our drivers check the loading of the shipment, we guarantee that it will arrive undamaged at its destination.


13 trucks

15 drivers

3 shipment managers

Our services

Evida Trans solutions

We know how important it is for you that the goods you entrust to us arrive at their destination in good time and undamaged. For this reason we pay special attention throughout the delivery process. The excellent technical state of our vehicles and our experienced drivers guarantee the shipment arrives in perfect condition.

Our company developed from a family business which has the great advantage that its current operation is well organised and transparent. Your requirements will be dealt with directly by our shipment managers, since we have a common goal: to ensure goods are transported safely and simply from one point to another. We pay attention to your personal requirements and we would like to save you from unnecessary administrative work. For this reason before you contact us please note that there are products which we will NOT deliver. These include churns, goods which require changing temperature conditions, hazardous substances (ADR), loose cargo and livestock.

If you need a reliable shipper, contact our staff and our vehicles will be at your service.

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Tel.: +36 52 / 718-889
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